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Hitting the Beach: Day 2 of 4 – California Sun

On day two of our beach bunny road trip, Strawberry and I wanted to hit the beach in all the vintage glory of 1960s Brigitte Bardot. Before heading to the beach, we visited our favourite shops offering vintage-style products.

All dolled up, we were ready to strut along the boardwalk, scoping out the surfers and bopping to the surf pop tunes in our heads.

Day 1: The Tide is High
Day 3: Weapon of Choice
Day 4: Montego Bay

Photographer: Strawberry Singh

For store locations, see SLurls page.

All Poses: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel



  • Skin: Dutch Touch: DUNe – Cocoa, Catseyes Red by Iki Ikarus
  • Hair: Curio: Betty Boop, Black by Rita Groshomme


  • Swimsuit: artilleri: LeeLee bikini by Antonia Marat
  • Shoes: Zero Number: Flip-flops, Red by Mai Runo


  • Sunglasses: glow Studio: Meredith, Black by Anemysk Karu
  • Earrings and Necklace: Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry: Han Hana Necklace & Earrings Set, Violet/Red Gold by Lucas Lameth
  • Bangles: Zaara: Ramya Wood Bangles, Gold by Zaara Kohime



  • Skin: ATOMIC: Faith – Mocha, Smudge Pale by Crushed Clarity/Ivy Graves
  • Hair: TRUTH: Gloria, Night by Truth Hawks


  • Swimsuit: Twosome: Retro Swimsuit, Red
  • Sandals: Zero Number: Flip flops, Red by Mai Runo


  • Necklace: Nuki-Nuki Beach Lei, Women’s by Eisie Etchegaray *Available on XStreet SL
  • Earrings: Zaara: Tarika Turquoise Earrings, Gold by Zaara Kohime

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GIA Style Card: Summer Fling

@ GLANCE International Agency:

At the first hopeful sign of sunlight – an indication of the approaching warm summer months – browbeaten citizens, begin to shed the multiple layers required to tolerate the Winter months. Dreary April showers have barely subsided before many can be colourfully seen, bare-shouldered in tank top straps, leg-loving capris or with manicured toes exposed in thongs.

Though Second Life™ is not limited or driven by the influence of the seasons, the parallel has been drawn within the fashion community as some designers cater to the standard and traditional season-driven product releases.

When I think of “summer” attire for Second Life wanderings, one of the places that immediately comes to mind is Twosome by Shelby Wrangler and Visa Volare. Their fun and frisky clothing collection is always colourful, light-hearted and geared for mix-and-match practicality.Comfortably sexy and simple sophistication is the look inspired by today’s Style Card, which began with Twosome’s Frilly Summer thing, a flimsy sheer top (including bikini top and bottoms) that transforms into a breezy babydoll dress.


For store locations, see SLurls page.


  • Skin: LeLutka: London Tan by Minnu Palen
  • Hair: Gritty Kitty: Hoke-Troika, Brown by Noam Sprocket


  • Shirt: Twosome: Frilly Summer Thing by Visa Volaire
  • Pants: Zaara: Soul Curry Capris (from Soul Curry outfit), Saffron/Olive by Zaara Kohime
  • Shoes: ETD: Hampton Wedge, Ivory by Elikapeka Tiramisu


  • Earrings: JUNK: Belly Dancer Earrings by Koge Cleaver
  • Necklace: Lucas Lameth (luc) Fashion Jewelry: Her Prayer Rosary, Onyx/Wood by Lucas Lameth
  • Bangles (left wrist): Shiny Things: Ruma Bangles, Silver by Fallingwater Cellardoor
  • Bangles (right wrist): Boing Fromage: Random Bangles by elka Lehane
  • Ring: Shiny Things: Florina Ring, Silver by Fallingwater Cellardoor
  • Nails: Love Soul: Starry Sky, Emerald prim nails by BlueStarRUI Villota

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