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Nizam Jewellery by Zaara

Yesterday, Zaara Kohime, the design talent behind the delightfully exotic Zaara brand, released “Nizam” – a highly ornate 11-piece Mughal “Jadau”-style set that is fit for royalty. The Mughals were  an imperial group of Persian-influenced Muslims that assumed power over India, and brought their aesthetic ideals and highly skilled craftsmanship to the Indian Subcontinent in the 1500s.

Jadau (“engraved”) jewellery is considered to be a traditional jewellery type in India and is used in many auspicious occasions, like weddings, ceremonies and festivals. It is customary to embed precious and semi-precious stones, gems, crystals and beads in the gold. The Zaara sets make use of uncut diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls.

Nizam is divided into two sub-sets; the coloured set with rubies and emeralds, and the white set with pearls – both include uncut diamonds and are inset into lavish antique gold.

L to R: Head jewels, tikka, jhumar

L to R: Head jewels and long necklace, tikka headpiece and choker, jhumar headpiece and short necklace

Just as with Jadau lapidists and goldsmiths, master crafter Miss Kohime offers exceptional care and attention to every minute detail to create a perfect product.

Nizam’s pieces can be purchased separately or in two complete colour sets (shown here in white). Comprised of three head pieces (“head jewel”, tikka””, and “jhumar”), earrings (“jhumkas”), a nosering (“nathni”), three neck adornments (long and short necklace versions and a choker), arm bands (“bajuband”), hand jewels (“haath-phool”) and bangles (“choodiya”) for each hand, and foot jewels with toe ring extensions (“payal”) Nizam is  fit for a Mughal princess.

Maitreya designer Onyx LeShelle has created three beautiful hairstyles to compliment the Nizam head jewels – fanned updos “Aisha” and “Aisha II” (shown in Coffee), and the long, flowing “Amber”. In Arabic, the names mean “life” and “jewel” respectively. The hair is designed with a sensitivity to the way each of the three jewelled headpiees fall against the head. Each purchase set has a hair version that is specifically fitted to the jewellery.

Nizam will undoubtedly provide avid fashionists like the adorably cute Anemysk Karu with ample opportunity to bring East closer to West.

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  • Skin: Rockberry: Uma, Dark by Heather Beebe
  • Hair: Maitreya: Aisha, Coffee by Onyx Leshelle


  • Dress: Zaara: Frawla, Black by Zaara Kohime


  • Jewllery: Nizam: The White Collection by Zaara Kohime

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