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Think Pink @ Pink Outfitters by London Dailey

The customer isn’t always right … but that doesn’t mean they can’t recognize a good, old fashioned deal when they see one –  even the ones that make the vein throb in a designer’s forehead. Though many designers are great at making exquisite clothing products, those who have the know-how to acknowledge their patrons, ultimately, have an added strength in their branding equation.

London Dailey has been showing love for customers of her hand-drawn collections, Pink Outfitters (women’s wear), Chinese Takeout (men’s wear), Cherry (footwear), Sugar & Spice (undergarments) and Fresh FX (skins) during the month of June. Thus far, the June 4 to July 4 customer appreciation festivities have included games/contests, gift exclusives to the Subscribe-o-Matic group and a fabulous sale.

In particular, since June 24, the Pink Outfitters location at Dailey (123, 71, 33) has been offering 25% off of all jeans and graphic tees (excluding bulk packs) with prices starting as low as L$38. The sale will end on July 1st, 2009 @ 11:59PM PDT.

I recruited fashionist Strawberry Singh to play dress-up and take photos of a few items from the Pink Outfitters collection.

The benefit of finding a designer that dabbles in a variety of product types is the selection. Cute graphic tees, tailored shorts, frilly blouses, jumpers, denim, party dresses, slingbacks, lingerie, polos, dress shirts, cargos … London’s retail sim is choc full of goodies – now with the added testosterone of Chinese Takeout. Her current collections are primarily casual to semi-casual and are infused with colour rivaled only by the palette of Willy Wonka’s factory.

It’s apparent that Miss Dailey has plans to expand the product offerings available in her cul-de-sac shopping area. Visitors to the sim will notice some empty wall space in the Cherry and Sugar & Spice shops that is begging to be filled, there are unfilled floors in the Chinese Takeout store, a mysterious “Billy Zero” boutique, and a spot beside Fresh FX that is inhabited by a gazebo that could signal the future home of another building.

More quality hand-drawn goods, more product selection for the ladies and gentlemen, public displays of affection towards customers …what’s not to love? Thank you, London.

Head on down before July 1 for some savings, join the Subscribe-o-Matic to be kept in the loop about new releases, and don’t forget to check out the Pink Outfitters online shop through XStreetSL.

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