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Review: Girls Night In with 5th & Oxford, LeLutka and WTW

This past Saturday evening was ‘Girls Night In’ with Luna Jubilee (above left) and Strawberry Singh (above right). We got rid of the boys by encouraging them to organize an all night poker tourney over at Ranger‘s house. The beer would be flowing, the chips falling and the Ricky Martin tunes would be blasting enough that we wouldn’t hear from them for quite some time.

We picked up a ton of 80’s movies – Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Moonstruck, Pretty in Pink, The Princess Bride … and Strawberry insisted on Pride & Prejudice. I took the bag with the flicks from her as we left Blockbuster and stashed P&P under her passenger side seat. It’s rented on her card and I’m okay with that.

We ate cookie dough and did one anothers hair, nails and makeup during our movie marathon. Luna kept the night rowdy as the mixologist. And once all the movies were done we ordered in some live entertainment. I’ve just got to cross my fingers and pray that Ranger never notices that all the one-dollar bills are missing from our swear jar.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Photographer: Strawberry Singh
Poses: Photos 1 & 3: Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson; Photo 2: Storin by Annah Whitfield
Backdrop: The Loft: Fairview Bedroom set by Colleen Desmoulins

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“I wanted something girlie so I went with a pastel color and frilly.”


  • Skin: Exodi: Tone-Dove, Skin Collection-Lily, Name-Sunny Day – LtBrow, By Ryker Beck
  • Hair: TRUTH: Candice, Patinum, by Truth Hawks


  • Undergarments: LeLutka: Nicola, Peachpuff, by Thora Charron

“I chose 5th & Oxford ‘cause I wanted something comfy to lounge around in but still wanted to feel sexy … and Little Miss is just that”.


  • Skin: Dutch Touch: Jolie, CafeNoir, Dark Red Lips CS2 Freckles by Iki Ikarus *Not yet released*
  • Hair: TRUTH: Makenzie, Espresso by Truth Hawks


  • Undergarments: 5th & Oxford: Little Miss, Black by Roslin Petion

“This cute little flimsy negligée was only L$1. Quality plus value. Can’t beat that”.


  • Skin: LeLutka: Eclat, Dark by Minnu Palen
  • Hair: Tiny Bird: Gattina, Dragees by Autumn Hykova


  • Undergarments: WTW: ver11 sp 2 by tomoe Zenovka


  • Manicure/Pedicure: SINdecade: Nail Polish Set by Trin Trevellion
Skin: Dutch Touch – Jolie – CafeNoir – DarkRedLips CS2 Freckles by Iki Ikarus (to be released soon)
Hair: TRUTH Makenzie – espresso by Truth Hawks

Sleepwear: (5th&Oxford) Little Miss – BLACK by Roslin Petion


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