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GLANCE Magazine: No. 4 @ January 2010: Taurus Fashion Zodiac Style Card

This month, GLANCE Magazine looked forward with a style forecast for 2010 – 60 pages of astrological trendsetting for male and female avatars from Aries to Pisces.

This stylists assignment was the Taurean male:

Colour: Pink

Taureans buy the most expensive designer clothes, but would still hang on to their old clothes.

Taureans generally have a muscular build.

Men appreciate the subtleties of formal wear. They certainly look handsome in single-breasted suits.

Beige, browns and pastel shades will suit their temperament.

Women should avoid skimpy skirts and go for streamlined and sleek dresses. Traditional dresses with earthy prints will looks the best on them. They should avoid wearing extra large clothes in an effort to look lean.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the current issue of GLANCE Magazine for this Zodiac-inspired feature as well as …


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