Kingston’s Style Diary


GIA Style Card: Working Up A Sweat

Do you remember back in 2004 when DJ Eric Prydz revived all the sexually-charged campiness of the 1985 movie Perfect, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta with his dance hit, Call on Me? Really, how could you forget?

The commercial success of aerobics as a retail product in the 80s was not just a workout for the body … but a workout for the eyes as well. Hot bodies in bright (sometimes clashing) colours.

All Poses: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel

For store locations, see SLurls page.


  • Skin: CANA dark 19 by Lion Jonesford (LionSkins)
  • Hair: :MIRONE: CERIA V2_ebony by Miu Edman (Mirone)


  • Leotard: T’s-Type20-Leotard-pi by Tomby Karas (Tomby’s)
  • Leggings: Zaara : Nishar leggings *cerulean by Zaara Kohime (Zaara)
  • Belt & Leg Warmers: from [AV] Leotards – Purple by Adreahna Vlodovic ([AV] VLODOVIC)


  • Sunglasses: Kalnins Sunglasses – Voyage v1.7 by Maris Kanto (Kalnins)
  • Earrings: *KC* Square Bamboo *GOLD* Earrings -L- (Double) by Kimberly Casanova (Kimberly Casanova Designs)

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