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GIA Style Card: Ancient Beauty

Today’s look was primarily inspired by Dutch Touch’s kohl-rimmed “Eagle” makeup, Casa Del Shai’s Nefertiti tunic and the Art Gallery of Ontario’s King Tut exhibit (November 24, 2009 – April 18, 2010).

As a long-time Egyptophile I was excited by the February opening of Rezzable’s Digital Alchemy showcase, which featured beautiful furniture, avatar skins and clothing items inspired by the lifestyle of queens and pharaohs. The grace, elegance and downright luxurious excess of the upper classes is mesmerizing.

Despite the humid, sunny climate requiring simple lightweight clothing, ancient Egyptians – men and women alike – lived for ornamentation. All manner of precious and semi-precious metals and stones were crafted to adorn every inch of the body for decoration and or religious significance.

The ancient Egyptians were certainly ahead of their time. Thousands of years after the rise of Egypt, the fields of science, history and anthropology are still fascinated and confounded by many aspects of the culture – including the mystery of the construction of the pyramids. And many parts of the world are still far behind the customs of The Old Kingdom and The New Kingdom in terms of women’s rights and equality.

Photographer: Strawberry Singh
All Poses: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel

For store locations, see SLurls page.


  • Skin: Dutch Touch: Jolie – Eagle, CafeNoir by Iki Ikarus
  • Hair: Aveda (ETD): by Elikapeka Tiramisu


  • Top: Bare Rose: from Isis by June Dion
  • Skirt: Casa Del Shai: from Eternal Nefertari Gold by Shai Delacroix


  • Earrings, Choker and Bracelets: Gems & Kisses: Haute Satin, Gold by Deliziosa Vendetta
  • Necklace, Upper Arm Bands, Ankle Bands: Bare Rose: from Isis by June Dion
  • Head Jewel: Zaara: Nizam Head Jewel, White by Zaara Kohime

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