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GIA Style Card: Marooned

@ GLANCE International Agency

The colour maroon has long since been worn by many Vajrayana Buddhist monks, depending their School and Dharma level. Though shopping at Casa Del Shai may be described by some as a spiritual or religious experience, it comes close, but does not yet compare to the ultimate awakening – Enlightenment. For those who have not yet experienced Casa Del Shai, I bring an enlightenment of sorts with today’s Style Card.

Designer Shai Delacroix’s Caroline Serpentine Gown comes in conservatively elegant colours: bridal white, silver-grey and merlot. Ideal for the red carpet walk, this off-the-shoulder gown with mermaid silhouette skirt is sure to conjure the  silky, sexy walk of Old Hollywood starlets.

Simple and alluring, “Caroline” is complimented by pearls and gold from Muse and Zaara, and a fanned bun hairstyle from ETD.

Shai’s uniquely hand-drawn range of creations for both women and men can take one seamlessly from the street or nightclub to the boardroom to the ballroom for spring, summer, fall, or winter-ready looks – easily making Miss Delacroix one of Second Life™’s most remarkable fashion talents.


For store locations, see SLurls page.


  • Skin: PXL: Grace, Deep Tan by Hart Larsson
  • Hair: ETD: Tyra, Chocolate by Elikapeka Tiramisu


  • Dress: Casa Del Shai: Caroline Serpentine Gown, Merlot by Shai Delacroix


  • Necklace: Muse: Celine Pearl Necklace, White Pearl/White Crystal/Gold by Caliah Lyon
  • Earrings: Muse: Celine Pearl Earring, White Pearl/Gold by Caliah Lyon
  • Bangles (left wrist): Zaara: Suvarna Bangles, Red by Zaara Kohime
  • Bangles (right wrist): Zaara: Indian Bangles, Gold/Pearl by Zaara Kohime

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