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turnstyle | New Shop @ Bill

After a 10-month hibernation turnstyle, my funky brand of boho and geek chic fashion jewellery, has resurfaced with a shop in Starlustland’s new Bill sim.

You can find the bent hoopies shown above and other classic turnstyle products at Bill (36, 62, 43).

New releases to follow in the coming weeks.


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Think Pink @ Pink Outfitters by London Dailey

The customer isn’t always right … but that doesn’t mean they can’t recognize a good, old fashioned deal when they see one –  even the ones that make the vein throb in a designer’s forehead. Though many designers are great at making exquisite clothing products, those who have the know-how to acknowledge their patrons, ultimately, have an added strength in their branding equation.

London Dailey has been showing love for customers of her hand-drawn collections, Pink Outfitters (women’s wear), Chinese Takeout (men’s wear), Cherry (footwear), Sugar & Spice (undergarments) and Fresh FX (skins) during the month of June. Thus far, the June 4 to July 4 customer appreciation festivities have included games/contests, gift exclusives to the Subscribe-o-Matic group and a fabulous sale.

In particular, since June 24, the Pink Outfitters location at Dailey (123, 71, 33) has been offering 25% off of all jeans and graphic tees (excluding bulk packs) with prices starting as low as L$38. The sale will end on July 1st, 2009 @ 11:59PM PDT.

I recruited fashionist Strawberry Singh to play dress-up and take photos of a few items from the Pink Outfitters collection.

The benefit of finding a designer that dabbles in a variety of product types is the selection. Cute graphic tees, tailored shorts, frilly blouses, jumpers, denim, party dresses, slingbacks, lingerie, polos, dress shirts, cargos … London’s retail sim is choc full of goodies – now with the added testosterone of Chinese Takeout. Her current collections are primarily casual to semi-casual and are infused with colour rivaled only by the palette of Willy Wonka’s factory.

It’s apparent that Miss Dailey has plans to expand the product offerings available in her cul-de-sac shopping area. Visitors to the sim will notice some empty wall space in the Cherry and Sugar & Spice shops that is begging to be filled, there are unfilled floors in the Chinese Takeout store, a mysterious “Billy Zero” boutique, and a spot beside Fresh FX that is inhabited by a gazebo that could signal the future home of another building.

More quality hand-drawn goods, more product selection for the ladies and gentlemen, public displays of affection towards customers …what’s not to love? Thank you, London.

Head on down before July 1 for some savings, join the Subscribe-o-Matic to be kept in the loop about new releases, and don’t forget to check out the Pink Outfitters online shop through XStreetSL.

(Fashion credits below the cut.) Read the rest of this entry »

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GIA Style Card: Caribbean Cruise

@ GLANCE International Agency

With clothing and accessories that radiate with a colour vibrancy, a healthy and liberal slathering of SPF 30 sunblock is needed to walk through the doors of Emma Gilmour’s beachy clothing store, Sand Shack Surf Co. Filled with kitschy and charismatic clothing items that show off  those sunkissed limbs, Surf Co. as the product offerings definitely lend to casual, relaxed looks.

In addition to being the darling behind the splashy SC brand, Emma Gilmour designs chic products and accessories for Armidi as Hudsen Armidi – a telling display of her range of design ability.

Inspiring today’s Style Card, the Cabana dress conjures mental imagery that takes wearer’s mind away to summer scenes set against the sun-soaked backdrop of royal palms and full-bodied hibiscus bushes lining beachfront boardwalks, or along the deck of a pristine white and far-reaching cruise ship destined for an exotic port in the Tropic of Cancer.


For store locations, see SLurls page.


  • Skin:Fashionably Dead: Dark Skin, Cat Silence by Toast Bard
  • Hair:TRUTH: Ruby, Java* by Truth Hawks


  • Dress: Sand Shack Surf Co.: Cabana Dress, Blue/Yellow by Emma Gilmour
  • Shoes: Periquita: Funny Girl Flats, Cyan by Erpla Prieto


  • Necklace: Armidi Gisaci: Zimbabwe Necklace, Techno by Nicole David
  • Earrings: +plus: Plastic Earrings, Yellow by Helena Compton
  • Bangles (left wrist): +plus: Delicious Happy, Fruity by Helena Compton
  • Bangles (right wrist): +plus: Delicious Bangles, Fruity by Helena Compton
  • Bag: Pampered Princess: Green/Orange Bag by Lolita Bellman

* Discontinued texture

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GIA Style Card: Dancehall Queen

@ Glance International Agency

Product of the pulsing nightlife, the dancehall aficionado suspends the mundane and enters a world of the notoriously superficial and brazenly conspicuous club culture filled with scantily-clad fashion mavens. Lips pursed in concentration she winds and grinds in the hypersexual dance dictated by the pounding baselines delivered through the turntables of the resident DJ, the “Selecta”, Grand Poobah of the provocative dance proceedings.

Reflecting of a musical culture that speaks to sex, money, and the trappings that come with both (did I mention sex?), dancehall fashion requires three things from the fairer sex: first, the constant and never-ending process of testing boundares to reinvent and reassert individuality amongst the crowd; second, wearing revealing and eye-catching finery that leaves little to the imagination and advertises one’s prowess; third, renouncing submissiveness to look fierce as f*ck, ready to step onto the floor or into the center of the street party, effortlessly drop that booty and have “all eyes on me”.

Where else can one turn to find the apparel to support such a look? I headed straight to Cynful by Cynthia Ultsch for something that might merit Lady Saw‘s stamp of approval and elevate one to Dancehall Queen status? Today’s Style Card starts with the high visibility yellow of Cynful’s Neckholder and escalates into flamboyance with heavy, rainbow-tipped lashes and scripted body glitter.

Can someone say “dutty wine“?


For store locations, see SLurls page.


  • Skin: Rockberry: Uma, Dark by Heather Beebe
  • Hair: Armidi: The SuperPony by Lola Marquez
  • Eyelashes: ZsaZsa’s House of Beauty: Dipped Tips by ZsaZsa Withnail
  • Nails: Candy Nail: #P025 Tresor, Red by peche Bury


  • Shirt: Cynful: Wrapped Neckholder, Yellow Sheer by Cynthia Ultsch
  • Shorts: League: Booty Shorts, Dirty by Nena Janus
  • Shoes: AOHARU_Walk: Enamel Buckle Gladiator, Gold by machang Pichot


  • Wrist Band: Love Soul: Wrist Band, Simple 1 by BlueStarRUI Villota
  • Body Glitter: Mask&Feather: Body Glitter by dzogchen Moody

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GIA Style Card: Marooned

@ GLANCE International Agency

The colour maroon has long since been worn by many Vajrayana Buddhist monks, depending their School and Dharma level. Though shopping at Casa Del Shai may be described by some as a spiritual or religious experience, it comes close, but does not yet compare to the ultimate awakening – Enlightenment. For those who have not yet experienced Casa Del Shai, I bring an enlightenment of sorts with today’s Style Card.

Designer Shai Delacroix’s Caroline Serpentine Gown comes in conservatively elegant colours: bridal white, silver-grey and merlot. Ideal for the red carpet walk, this off-the-shoulder gown with mermaid silhouette skirt is sure to conjure the  silky, sexy walk of Old Hollywood starlets.

Simple and alluring, “Caroline” is complimented by pearls and gold from Muse and Zaara, and a fanned bun hairstyle from ETD.

Shai’s uniquely hand-drawn range of creations for both women and men can take one seamlessly from the street or nightclub to the boardroom to the ballroom for spring, summer, fall, or winter-ready looks – easily making Miss Delacroix one of Second Life™’s most remarkable fashion talents.


For store locations, see SLurls page.


  • Skin: PXL: Grace, Deep Tan by Hart Larsson
  • Hair: ETD: Tyra, Chocolate by Elikapeka Tiramisu


  • Dress: Casa Del Shai: Caroline Serpentine Gown, Merlot by Shai Delacroix


  • Necklace: Muse: Celine Pearl Necklace, White Pearl/White Crystal/Gold by Caliah Lyon
  • Earrings: Muse: Celine Pearl Earring, White Pearl/Gold by Caliah Lyon
  • Bangles (left wrist): Zaara: Suvarna Bangles, Red by Zaara Kohime
  • Bangles (right wrist): Zaara: Indian Bangles, Gold/Pearl by Zaara Kohime

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